Phuket to Krabi By road and Ferry

The distance is almost exactly 200km by road and it is a drive along one of the most scenic and attractive costal region in Asia with great panoramas of limestone hills densely covered with jungle and all kind of creepers along limestone boulder. At the beaches north of Ao Nang are plenty of hotels, big and small, luxury and cheap accommodations, cottages and apartment every possibility is available. About 70% of the drive is over a excellent 4 lane highway which makes it a daytrip distance.
The trip can be made car,bus or ferry via Phi Phi Islands. There is no air travel although Krabi has an international airport which is used by flights from Bangkok, Singapore and charter flights, very recently also coming in from Russia.

For a road trip rent a car or take the bus,

a alternative could be a scooter or motorbike but road travel is very dangerous its better to have some metal for protection around you. The islands, coast, beaches and the hilly inland is a ideal destination for a great day trip through a lush tropical countryside with all with all the ingredients Thailand is ​​famous for.

Start is at the new Phuket bus terminal which is at the road to the airport. When using the bus you can always tell the driver to stop, get off have a look around, come back to the main road and just wait a while, there are continuously buses big and small plus van’s moving back and forward, if you see one just raise the arm, they will stop, read more.

The country is ideally suitable for trips like that because the infrastructure is there and vehicles are remarkable good, new and

Welcome to Phuket
Welcome to Phuket


From Phuket to Bangkok by bus, aircraft or train and bus

New Phuket Bus Station
New Phuket Bus Terminal

New Phuket Bus Station Terminal
A day trip often starts at the bus station.

The journey is through Phang Nga Province which is between Phuket and Krabi.Travel in southern Thailand opens up views and panoramas you never saw before. Very popular are day trips to “James Bond” island, you wont be alone there.This trip always leads over the Sarasin Bridge and around Ao Luk the surrealistic limestone world starts with beaches and mangrove forests. All this became very developed during the last 10 years it’s a popular travel and “green” destination.A feast for the eyes, places to relax, beaches, jungle, rock climbing, excellent food,good and very good hotels for all sizes of wallets, spa’s, friendly people but the prices are higher compared to Phuket.

On the Sarasin bridge

Under the Sarasin bridge

There are 2 possibilities to travel

one is road travel via Phang Nga and Ao Luk, the other is to use the ferry to Phi Phi Island stay there for a day or more and take the Krabi ferry, probably a speedboat to Ao Nang.

There is no direct ferry between Krabi and Phuket, on the water it only goes through Ko Phi Phi Don, usually this is available throughout the year but there are always some exceptions.

Phang Nga Bay and Krabi
Phuket day trip to Phang Nga Bay and Krabi

Phang Nga Bay kayaking
Phang Nga Bay 
kayaking exploring a hong

Very interesting is a kayaking trip around the islands, there is plenty to see when paddling in slow motion. Several companies offer day trips out of Phuket. They carry the people to the pier, a bigger boat is used for the trip and when the destination is reached the boats are offloaded you sit down and paddle. Since this is all in slow motion there is much more to see as with a bigger vessel, read more.

Phi Phi Don Trip
Phi Phi day trip and Andaman sea beaches.
Phi Phi Ferry
Ferry from Phuket by air and over the water.

phuket day trip
Phuket day trip to Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi to Krabi
Phi Phi to Krabi by speed boat is quick.

From Krabi to Phi Phi Don

boat service leaves daily at around 8am and 1pm. This can change and there are several big ferries and speedboats on the same route for different prices and different times. The best is take a motor bike taxi  to Rasada pier and ask, its to far for a walk.

There is no much choice because there is no public transport, the notorious Tuk Tuk Mafia do everything to sabotage creating public transport on the island.

As an alternative try Pure car rental in down town at Rasada Road they maybe help when you buy the Phi Phi ferry ticket there, they also might supply transportation to the pier and they have all ferries in the program.

The positive is they don’t cheat and know what they are doing. They also have all the usual tour and travel programs on display, plus hotels, and low price villa and houses in Phuket down town, all new. etc.

travel by Mini Bus
Mini Bus or van take around two and half hours.

Krabi Bus
Phuket Bus station, it takes around three hours.

Phuket to Krabi Bus travel

will take about 3 hours, buses and vans leaves from the new Phuket bus terminal 2 on the main road to the airport. almost every two hour.

There are no scheduled flight between the two provinces.


Road Travel
Phuket to Krabi road travel is no problem anymore since the roads have been upgraded and extended.

Below Sarasin Bridge
Below Sarasin Bridge are small fishing vessels.

Leaving Phuket for Krabi

needs a drive over the Sarasin Bridge. The Sarasin bridge connects the island to mainland Thailand, in this case to Phang Nga Province, the bridge has been renewed.

Fish trawler have their base around and the bridge itself is a popular spot for angler.

They are around day and night to bath their worms. Actually big game fishing is also a great day trip.

The waterway under the bridge is used by boats and ships for the marinas on the east coast, such as the Yacht Haven Marinawhich can be seen on the misty horizon.

The whole distance brings great views of tropical forest, lush vegetation and the famous limestone hills of southern Thailand.

what to see
This is what to see, the dedication to Buddhism.

what to see
What to see on a Phuket trip along the road, Thai people working.

Phang Nga Bay Islands

Passing Phang Nga Bay

actually that should be the next stop, a success story by itself, emerging to the limelight via the James Bond Movie “The Man with the Golden Colt” and a run afterwards to secure the benefits, the main left over is “James Bond Island” this is a incredible piece of water world and unbelievable limestone formations including underwater caves. The hongs or limestone atolls of the bay and similar at the Krabi Archipelago and Trang Islands are legend, a absolute highlight of any southern Thailand vacation. The bay is accessible via the visitor center after the intersection behind the Phunga Hotel before approaching the city.

Phang Nga Limestone Atoll Beach
Phang Nga Bay Beach by ferry from Phuket

Phang Nga Bay
Here is
 a beautiful secluded Thailand beach.

Ko Panyi
Ko Panyi at Phang Nga Bay with a fishing village.
Phuket day trip to Ao Luk
Ao Luk with plenty of greenery and caves.

A few kilometers after passing Phang Nga Town the cruise is right through dense jungle.Behind Ao Luk starts a great limestone scenery, creeping up those limestone formations around at this area is a carpet of dense greenery function as a habitat for many insects, small animals (the bigger ones are already gone), birds, flowers and plants.The area is still very nature oriented since it is really difficult to penetrate the thickets around the road.In the last couple of years the people in southern Thailand got more conscious about their environment and don’t exploit them for quick money anymore, it paid off somehow. Along the excellent road talljungle trees stand out from the thick undergrowth. The main highway is changing between a good 2 lane and a excellent 4 lane highway prone to very bad accidents because of the extreme bends. The highway is currently upgraded.This will add a lot of safety for the traveler since as usual no one cares about traffic rules and terrible accidents are the result. If you come from Bangkok its the same situation.

Phang Nga Bay & Phuket Sailing
Phang Nga Bay & Phuket Sailing is exciting.
Krabi Pagoda
Krabi Pagoda along the road there are many.

Krabi Travel behind Ao Luk
Krabi Travel behind Ao Luk

Beyond Ao Luk

several roads branch off to the right into the mangrove forests, pretty places with several  caves around, Thai cave tour a video is herePhang Nga has nothing to do with Koh Phangan, the first is a Thai province between the gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea and second is a island off Koh Samui.Ao Nang Beach is one of the top spots in the province with the incredible Railay Beach a bit further south. The coast is very rugged means that is is often difficult to get from one place to another unless taking a boat or ship and by.But however it is approached the reward is a stunning scenery. Here are the starts to Phi Phi by boat and to several secluded beaches around such as Railay and Fossil Shell.By Speed Boat (Nov-Mar) is a 2 – 3 hour ride, cost around Baht 1000,- and departs from Rassada Pier in town, arrival is at Nopparattara Pier. There are 2 daily run each way. Start is at 8:30am and 1:30pm, book tickets at the pier, travel agencies or try Pure Car Rental down town, why?

Phuket to Ao Nang
Railay Beach is together with Phi Phi and Ko Lanta the top destination in the province.

They have this service and are reliable, wont cheat and maybe bring you to the pier since the jetty is quite a distance off it might be a good reason to do this, read more.

Railay Beach is spectacular

a setting of limestone formations and a great beach in front. Along the waterfront east and west are plenty of  beach hotels, bay resort and plenty of bungalows and cottages. Ao Nang can be found by not taking the left turn to Trang when entering the Krabi area, but just keep on driving straight, the right turn to Ao Nang comes after the sign to the Kings Palace.

The limestone formations are somehow bizarre and surrealistic, Salvatore Dali could have formed them and unique, this area has a reputation for great Thailand vacation. You also could do rock climbing in Krabi province, a wide variety of rock climbing “garden” are around.

Most of the climbs in this area are of the pre-bolted route variety, there are literally hundreds of climbs with difficulty levels from beginner to the expert, there are pretty straight climbs and other with overhangs etc. This is a feast for the eyes and real unique, you wont find anything like this again, not in China and not in Vietnam.

All major Krabi Hotels, Bungalows, Villas, Beach Resorts

are around that area, weather is very similar to Phuket, sunshine from November to May and some rain in between. But even if there is rain it’s hardly more than 2 days of not having the sun, that means its still better as in most places in the Mediterranean area, in particular when you consider the cost it’s still a fraction what you would spend on a vacation in Europe. I am always puzzled when I hear that France and Italy are still a prime vacation destination, with this level of money pulling, I would never go there again, just look at this great scenery here.It is one of the positive sides that the country is still very affordable because almost everything is low priced. Just imagine you buy a ham sandwich somewhere at the Cote Azur in France or further south in Italy. They ask for 5 -10 Euro for it, in Thailand you get a complete excellent dinner including some beer for this and so on.

Sheraton Krabi Hotels
Sheraton Krabi Hotels beach fun on an elephant

Phi Phi to Krabi
Phi Phi to Krabi

day trip to Phi Phi should be made when in Phuket, consider to stay at least one night there, because the ferry come in around mid day and the last boat back starts around 3 hours later, means not much time. Plenty of other islands could be visited, this can be done with the speedboat or take a longtail boat and have your individual tour. The boatmen know all the scenic spots and make sure you have a pleasant afternoon.Continuing by ferry to Krabi,the landing will be at Ao Nang, there are several resorts around and beach cottages plus bungalows can be rented.


Koh Lanta is around 40km beyond the airport

one of the top destination in the province. The island is very easy to reach, the highway from town and the airport leads straight to the Lanta pier with one right turn in between and there the ship to the island is already waiting.  This place doesn’t have a hype image, everything is rather basic and minimal developed including the road, some parts are real bad.Small motorbikes are for hire as everywhere in the country. The beach resorts, restaurants and practically everything around is somehow amateurish. There are only a few resorts which can match the well developed ones elsewhere. This is nothing negative, actually many tourists just like it that way. It is necessary to know (flight schedule etc.) that there are 2 ferry trips, one from the mainland to Lanta Noi and another from there to Lanta Yai, where all hotels etc. are. At high season naturally this ferry has only limited capacity which means to start more early from the hotel to the airport. A alternative is take a speedboat to Ao Nang or another placeto reach the highway more quick, some hotels on the island offer this boat ride.Since the island is very close to Trang province day trips are available with the speedboat to visit the famous destinations in Trang Thailand such as Morakot Cave or Emerald Cave and islands such as Ko Mook.

Koh Lanta
Ferry to Koh Lanta, actually there are 2 parts, first to noi and after to Yai.