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krabi nightlife

If you’re planning a family holiday to Krabi’s main tourist attractions, then the Krabi nightlife will be of particular interest to you. Phuket is Thailand’s most popular destination for holiday-makers and boasts over 40 beaches. It is an island where the two distinct cultures live side by side: Thai law prevails, but the vibrant nightlife of the Chinese residents can be occasionally disturbing (although fortunately for travellers, this is seldom the case). Most bars and clubs here are open all hours; so are perfect for families looking to relax, or couples looking to go out for an evening. There’s nothing quite like it to soak up the sun on a beach in Phuket; but if that isn’t your style, perhaps you’d prefer to party into the early hours, until the late hours of the following day. Krabi’s bars cater for just about everybody; so whatever kind of party you’re planning, there will be a place to suit your needs.

Most bars and nightclubs in Krabi have open-air balconies, which makes them perfect for enjoying the stunning scenery that comes with the beautiful blue waters of the Andaman Sea. You’ll be amazed at how many incredible nightclubs are now scattered around Krabi Town – from small hip-hop joints, to large, open-air bars and casinos. The younger generation frequent the bars along Jalan Chai Road, whilst a growing number of tourists are beginning to come back to Phuket town every year, as they discover its charm.

One of the biggest trends in Krabi’s nightlife is to host a “dry” party, during which alcoholic drinks are not allowed. This can range from a simple social gathering for cocktails, to a full stag weekend with all-out beer. Many bars and nightclubs also offer “belly-to-the-bar” hours, during which drinkers can enjoy a cheaper price for booze, but without worrying about doing anything too rowdy. If you’re planning a trip to Krabi in July or August, then these months represent excellent opportunities to experience the real fun of Thailand’s nightlife. There’ll be more bars opening up, and many more visitors flocking to try out the new “dry” trend!

Another popular trend for Krabi’s young inhabitants is to join a club or two. This is particularly common amongst students and represents a good opportunity to try out new dance moves in a well-lit and friendly environment. Many clubs in Krabi have open-air terraces, which allow you to enjoy breathtaking views across the city. If you’re staying on Jalan Raya Ubud, or near the Chaweng beach, you’ll find some great open air concerts held every Friday afternoon. Some of the favourites include a band called The Frontline Field Operations.

A bit of a different take on the “nightlife” in Krabi is to hit the bars and restaurants at closing time. At the end of the night, you’ll find many bars and restaurants empty, but with the chance to relax and have some fun. Many of these bars and restaurants will offer food for free or for a small price, as a courtesy to their guests. You can also find great entertainment at these places, with a variety of live acts playing until late.

In terms of clubs and bars, it’s probably best to stick to the safe options. Most of the better-known bars and nightclubs are located in central Bangkok, near major tourist areas and the international airport. However, you do have the option of checking out some of the lesser known places, such as the popular Paragon club in Jomtien. It boasts a colourful, energetic atmosphere, and you should definitely be able to dance away a few hours after you leave. For a slightly raunchier experience, head to Club X, where you’ll find lots of sex and dance moves to enjoy.

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