How to get a Club Mate in Phuket?

The Club Mate Phuket has become extremely popular with couples. Phuket is a very popular holiday destination and finding somewhere to stay or party in Phuket has become increasingly difficult for tourists. Phuket has plenty of great beach resorts and the beaches in Thailand are some of the best in the world. However, many tourists tend to flock to Phuket from the larger cities such as Bangkok or Pattaya where they can find more facilities and activities. The Club Mate Phuket provides an affordable and convenient alternative for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on a holiday.

Phuket has several beaches, most notably the famous Patong Beach. The Kata Yai beach, on the other hand, is less well known. Both offer stunning views, but while Patong has younger, sexier beach goers, Kata Yai is family oriented. While it is still not among the best, it is still worth a visit. If you are staying in Phuket apartments and condos, you will be able to access both beaches by using your local taxi service or your beach car rental service from the nearby Karon airport.

The Club Mate is located at Lamai Bay, on the western edge of Phuket. If you arrive there in the evening, you will see it just after the dive shop. The building, which is basically a row of small shops, is surrounded by sea lion signs and has soft music playing. Inside, you can sit down, have a drink and sing with the locals.

Another beach resort in Phuket is Jupang Beach, just north of Phuket town. Jupang is very similar to Japang beach in terms of atmosphere, with soft blue water and sand that are slightly cloudy. The beach at Jupang also offers family entertainment, but it is less crowded since it’s located just a little further north. It’s possible to hire a bike and pedal around the area, which is surprisingly safe.

For something completely different, visit Arikok Beach. This is only around 20 kilometres from Phuket town and is set on a high cliff overlooking the bay. Once you reach the top of the cliff, the view changes dramatically as you are taken out into the sea. The beach has a long black and white bar and there are a number of eateries scattered along its shoreline. There is no cover charge, but you may want to consider using an umbrella as it can get sunny in the afternoon. If you like the sound of it and can afford to spend the afternoon, make your way to Arikok.

Club Mate Phuket offers a wide range of facilities for visitors, regardless of whether they want to go for a swim, lie on the beach or just relax. The resort is ideal for families, couples or friends who enjoy a bit of adventure in the sun. If you are staying on the beach side, you will find all the facilities you need including swimming pools, spas and more. If you stay on the island, you can drive your car right up to the front door and into the club itself. The club is open every day from Sunday to Wednesday.

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