Krabi or Phuket? Which place to choose

Krabi is a small coastal town in Thailand. It lies on the Gulf of Thailand and is bordered by Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines and Laos in the west, and by Burma in the east. This small coastal town is an important tourist spot because it is an ideal base to explore the numerous beaches of Thailand and the scenic natural environment of the Andaman Sea.

The most famous beach in Krabi that attracts tourists is Patong Beach, which has a huge number of tourists during the peak season. Other than Patong, there are other popular beaches like Phuket Beach, which is less crowded. Phuket Beach also offers more facilities for surfing, along with being a great holiday destination for relaxing. Krabi’s closer neighboring towns, such as Chaweng and Hau Hin, also provide good tourist spots and are less crowded.

Krabi’s geography makes it unique in terms of its coastline and climate. The island is surrounded by the sea on all sides. Due to its location, Krabi experiences a hot, humid weather throughout the year. Summer seasons bring in mild weather with relatively light winds. In addition, the rainy season is brief in this part of the world, which means that the tourist population greatly decreases during this period.

Krabi’s beaches are perfect for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. Other activities popular with tourists include boat trips, bungee jumping, elephant riding and sky diving. Krabi even has the only floating casino in Asia, the Skyland World. Another attraction worth visiting is the Klang Valley, which is full of fascinating caves and mountain peaks.

A Krabi tourist should consider getting there the old-fashioned way, through the Phuket-Krabi taxi. A one-day trip should give you enough time to see all of the main attractions, including the tourist attractions and wildlife. The Skywalk is another must-see attraction, as it allows you to walk the cable line over the shallow coastal area. The most important aspect of the trip is, of course, to have fun!

Krabi Phuket is a great place to enjoy an inexpensive holiday, especially during the peak summer season. However, it does have its drawbacks. The lack of adequate airport parking and buses make public transportation difficult, although the bus network is fairly reliable. Krabi is an attractive place to visit, but tourist expectations should be tempered with realistic expectations regarding the climate and other aspects of Phuket tourism.

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