Phuket Thai Express

Just around an hour north of Phuket’s central coast lies the world’s most famous Asian food restaurant, the Phuket Thai Express. It is located at Nai Yang Beach, just on the bay of Phuket’s main island. Here you will find a wide array of authentic Thai dishes, from simple stir-fry and dinner salads to a wide range of desserts including coconut puddings, ice creams and banana cream pies. The restaurant serves all types of food – pizza, spaghetti and burgers – as well as many international dishes including Chinese, Japanese and KFC. You can get a free tasting of the different pizzas and burgers on the nights that you are dining at the Thai Express, so you can make your choice based on your individual taste buds and budget.

At the Thai Express you will also find several entertainment venues. There are pool tables, billiards tables, video game consoles and karaoke machines. In addition, you will find several bars and restaurants that will offer you tasty cocktails, scrumptious food and a full range of drinks including wine and beer. If you are lucky enough to book one of the restaurant’s private rooms you will have access to a mini bar with stocked bar stools and a private TV.

The Thai Express offers excellent value for money as the food is very affordable and the prices do not rise too much above the standard restaurant rates in Phuket. Although there are several local favourites, it is worth eating at the Express occasionally to experience new cuisine and find something you haven’t tried before. Many of the dishes served here are made by the chefs who own the restaurants themselves and so you will be treated to some real high quality food.

There is an all-you-can-eat buffet everyday from noon until 3pm. This means that you can try out a range of Thai specialities as you eat your fill of delicious food and drinks. However, lunch and dinner also feature some popular Thai dishes along with some American, Japanese and South Indian fare. There is always a vegetarian option on offer too.

Of course, when you have an evening meal somewhere like the Thai Express you want it to be a good deal. Therefore you should pay attention to the various factors which affect the price of a meal. If the meal costs more than others around it, that usually suggests that there is something special about that restaurant. However, you should also look out for other restaurants in the area and compare their prices before deciding on which restaurant to go to.

As far as dining goes, you will have to combine your budget with a carefully chosen Thai dinner menu to make sure that you get value for money. All of the Thai restaurants in Phuket have a reputation for providing customers with top quality food at good value for money. The staff at these restaurants are friendly, attentive and always willing to make customers feel at home. With such outstanding food available at such reasonable prices it is easy to see why the Thai Express is Thailand’s best-known restaurant. So if you are thinking of visiting Phuket, Thailand, either in Thais or mainland China, you could do worse than book yourself some tickets to the Thai Express.

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