Phuket nightclub, go go bars, coyote, massage and karaoke

A Phuket nightclub is probably some of the most vibrant and sexy in the world. You wont find this again elsewhere, against this Las Vegas is a kindergarten.

The combination of beach life, the diversity of the people from all over the world and the Thai attitude to let the good times roll move into a modern Babylon and into a modern Sodom and Gomorrah style nightclub.

Phuket nightclubs are like a nightclub tsunami, you get lost, in particular into the arms of a nice Thai bar girl.

Don’t put money in the shirt pocket, it will be evaporate very quick. You don’t know where you end up and in what condition you end up, mainly it hurts in the head the next day.

So do Phuket girls, Phuket bar girls and nightclub girls, Thai bar girls from the north of Thailand, but not only from the north. In many Phuket hotels and Phuket resorts a swinging nightclub life is on sometimes with colorful beach parties.

The weather won‘t hurt you, Phuket weather is very pleasant all over the year. During the rainy season from June to November it only rains sometimes, that means no wet weather interruption on your Phuket nightclub holidays. But I can tell you about another great wet experience, go to a real Phuket massage parlor and have a great wet soapy massage. This you can get in the Christina Massage at Patong and the Peal Hotel with traditional Thai massage at Phuket Town. Many other places who offer all kind of massage along the road are not real.

Some of the best clubs in Phuket City are Fantasia Nightclub, Pink Lady Club, Pink Lady Cafe, Pink Lady Chamois in the Metropole Hotel (very pretty girls), Pink Lady 2000, Buddy Cafe, Goong Jah cafe and plenty of other.

The affair of Phuket with foreigners started about 400 years ago, maybe even more. Nightclub in Phuket came in about 50 years ago when the first tourists arrived from all over the globe to enjoy the great climate, the tropical atmosphere, the warm emerald colored waters, the package tour and the open minded environment of the Thai society who don’t always take everything so serious as other countries, in particular Europeans. Great Phuket nightclub was set up slowly and cultivated.

Over time, restaurants, bars, nightclubs opened, money poured in from abroad and Thailand all thiscreated an environment where nightclub can thrive. Great nightclubs are on in Phuket every day of the week, from 8 pm to about 2 am, until recently it was almost 24 hours, but with the Thaksin government limitation came.

One of the reason for this rapid expansion was the way Thai people act, if someone opens a bar, a nightclub, hotel or whatever. Opening a Phuket nightclub immediately starts a snowball effect and 10 more nightclubs pop up immediately, its a copy mentality regardless of the fact that enough business for maybe two or three doesn’t mean its enough for ten, but who cares about tomorrow? Also the banks had a very tolerant attitude to lend money.

Phuket nightlife on stage

Upscale restaurants and bars mushroomed serving all kind of European and Asian food, the latest additions are Arab food restaurants and Russian restaurants. Nightclub spots in Phuket open and close continuously, there is a lot of investment capital around.

Resent hotel and shopping complex of huge proportions opened at Patong like the Young Ceylon mall creating lots of new opportunities for people from over Thailand. Plus the shopping malls along bypass road.

The Phuket nightclub situation won‘t reach any saturation point soon, demand increase exponentially ever year, the latest tourist stream comes from Russia and the other former Soviet republics like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other.

Phuket Nightlife Bar

All this is very welcomed by thousands of Thai people without a job somewhere in the northern provinces of Thailand who travel to the far south trying to grab a piece of the tourist cake, where else should all this beautiful Thai ladies go to make some money with the “farang” ? Nightclub girls are plenty and all want to make you happy, that’s a good idea, or ?

There is probably no island in the seas of this planet with more nightclubs, nightclub bars, nightclub disco, beer bars, go go bars and so on who can match Phuket.

Competition makes the Phuket nightclub best

The amazing thing is they continuously bring up new nightclubs at Phuket, even when everyone who do a little thinking and market research will tell, its useless since there are already far to many, it won‘t matter, they will just do it.

The main reasons why so many nightclubs fail in Phuket is as indicated the fierce competition. The second reason is the nightclub owners do almost no marketing, they have no idea how to do that it all runs by looking what are the others doing means no fantasy. They trash millions of Baht every year this amateur way.

All have some Phuket bargirls, ladyboys or gay service to add some spice to the life of the foreigners on their vacation in Thailand.

There are also ladies nightclub to make the lesbian community happy. Just go in on of the Thai style nightclub cafe in Phuket town, about 50% of the girls working there are either lesbian or bisexual. Of course there are other nightclub. On Phuket island, in particular in Phuket town massage of all kind is offered and some massage nightclub and massage parlors with plenty of girls just do it the way you like it.

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