Ao Luk

From Ao Luk towards the Krabi coast are several prehistoric limestone caves in the jungle hills and mangrove forest.

The immense surrealistic formed limestone outcrops are almost everywhere in the Krabi area and Thailand caves are hidden deep inside. Southern Thailand is one of the best places for exploring caves. The limestone caves are some of the real Thailand attractions.

Stunning cave tours in Ao Luk

Everyone doing a trip to Thailand should do a cave tour. The climate and weather in the Krabi area is excellent, means cave tours could be done every day, only in the rainy season it needs to be careful since flash floods have killed quite a couple of people in the last years. In general its a tropical environment with scattered rain and thunderstorms during the rainy season.

The Ao Luk scenery has still its natural beauty and is one of the places worth to visit in Thailand, only some tourists are kayaking around. Usually well built roads makes it easy to access the area, after everyone has to use the boat to paddle through the mangrove forest.

Quiet place for vacation in Thailand

The area around Ao Luk is still not overcrowded since not many people know about the whole, its still almost free of traffic, the right place for vacation in Thailand. Totally opposite from a Phuket nightclub.

People paddle through the prehistoric cave and sometimes one of the long tail boat glides through the cave river.

Of the hundreds of caves that pock the jungle and mangrove forests the best and most informative is the Tham Lod cave. There are interesting caves everywhere in Thailand. At Soppong in northern Thailand its the “coffin cave”.

The tour guides take care of everything

No need for waterproof suits, helmets and the a lamps is carried by the tour guide, sometimes also natural light comes in.

Only to see the prehistoric cave wall paintings a lamp wont be bad, if you take one of the long tail boats the boat man has a lamp with him, he will show the paintings on the ceilings.

The caves are 10 – 30 meters wide and have several chambers on each side. A couple of slippery descents are to be mastered but there is no need for experience in climbing just reach out for the cracks in the limestone when you get a uncontrollable move.

Smooth curtains of cream and white colored flowstone coating the walls, fat pale needles of stalactites dripping from the roof.

Long stalactites hung among wavy curtains of calcite and round knobs of stalagmites, hobbling the chamber floor.

Through the Ao Luk mangrove forests several rivers run inviting a great kayaking cave tour or in a longtail boat.

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