Phuket to Phi Phi

Phuket is the usual starting point, they are almost exactly at halfway in between. Every morning, several bigger ferries and some speedboats start from Rasada Pier in Phuket Town. The best is to take the bigger ship, it’s more comfortable and won’t take much longer than the speed boat with around 3-4 hours.

Phuket to Phi Phi 2

Before they drop the passenger at the village beach pier they usually make a turn to show the most interesting locations. Passing Maya Beach, Viking Cave and some high limestone ravines with hidden beaches.

After leaving the vessel and having a look around the hotels are not far away, this is a very small location and mainly accessible by boat because of the steep limestone cliffs. If you have accommodations off the village beach make sure they pick you up otherwise you fall pray to the long tail boat sharks.

Phuket to Phi Phi 5

To find some orientation hire a long tail boat, but try at least 3 of them, this guy considers tourists as walking ATM machine where they only press the button and money come out. They already know where to bring you on your sightseeing trip and if you want to stop on the way, just tell him, there are many beautiful spots between the limestone rock, don’t miss it and don’t be shy to tell if you want to see something.

Phuket to Phi Phi 3

Morning is not a good time to do this day trip since all boats, ferries and vessels came in at that time and it gets really overcrowded everywhere because the area is rather small. Only take a boat with a roof even if it is quite flimsy you need protection from the sun suntan lotion wouldn’t help a lot, it’s too intense and you will be badly burnt.

Phuket to Phi Phi 1

The main highlight is Maya Beach which has been declared a National Park after they made the movie “The Beach” you must pay entrance fee Baht 200,-. Since there is nothing interesting ashore it would make no difference if you step ashore or just glide along the waterfront.

Phuket to Phi Phi 4